Childbirth: What to Expect

6 hours $275

Two 3 hour private and personalized in-home sessions to include:

  • Overview of Normal Labor

  • Comfort Techniques & Pain Management

  • Medical Procedures & Interventions

  • Recovery and Postpartum

Breastfeeding Basics

120 MINUTES $95 

Private and personalized in-home session can include but are not limited to:

  • First weeks home with baby

  • How to get a great Latch

  • Positioning

  • Common Problems and Solutions

  • How your support team can help

  • When and how to pump

  • Resources for Successful Breastfeeding

Your Ideal Birth Plan

60 MINUTES $60 

One hour private and personalized in-home session to include:

  • Typical policies & procedures at your birthing place

  • What to expect from your hospital/birth center staff

  • What to expect from an intervention free, epidural or cesarean birth

  • How to feel empowered and advocate for yourself

  • Typical baby procedures after birth

  • Personalized document to share with your birthing team

Newborn Care 101

60 MINUTES $60 

 One hour private and personalized in-home session to include:

  • First weeks with your baby

  • Feeding & Burping

  • Bathing Your Baby

  • Cord Care

  • Soothing and Comforting your Newborn

  • Sleeping Patterns

  • Co-Sleeping Safety

Easing Your Birthing Time: Comfort Measures

120 MINUTES $175 

Two hour private and personalized in-home session for you and your birthing partner to include:

  • The rhythm and ritual of labor

  • Comfort measures for each stage of labor

  • Physical postures for support and ease contractions

  • Breathing techniques

  • Learning how to relax

  • Mantra and affirmations

  • Acupressure & Massage

  • Essential Oils

  • Communication during labor 

  • Introducing the practice of yoga to prepare for labor



For reservations or information:

From the beginning of pregnancy to the beginning of parenthood Moon Mother Yoga is here to support you. Moon Mother Yoga offers a variety of perinatal education classes for you, your birth partner and support team. All classes are private and personalized in-home sessions catered to meet the needs of each individual couple. Classes are priced for 2 people. There will be an extra cost of $20 per each additional person.

*Classes not used within 60 days will not be refunded*